Younger Consumers Influence Design Trends


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Design Trends

Kitchen and bath design preferences, are a reflection of both consumer life style design trends and the availability of recent innovative materials on the market. These have inspired design to include smaller, greener and casual, open floor planning in the home. Younger consumers are demanding an inclusion of energy-saving technology, less emphasis on resale value and those features long established in European homes characterized by simplicity and functionality. There are many trends out there that are taking the industry by storm and continue to be heavily influenced by the younger home buyers, condo renters and more.  Among the key forecasts noted are the following:

New kitchens are favoring a stream-lined look, featuring larger windows and fewer wall cabinets. Natural light allowed to filter through glass is desired and open shelving has gained popularity. Restaurant style appliances like big gas ranges are being replaced with sleek induction cook-tops embedded in the counter-top. Under counter appliances for refrigeration and pull-out microwave microwave are increasingly prominent.

Today’s kitchen and bath styles favor “less is more” aesthetics, emphasizing clean lines, flat slab doors on full access frameless cabinets, and personalization over decoration. We’re seeing a preference for cabinets and vanity finishes composed of durable laminates. The quality of today’s laminates has come a long way, and has been a staple in Europe for many years where wood is not as abundant. Color ranges and tough-as-nails texture options are vast and will not experience wear changes over time as something like cherry veneer will.

Quartz counter-tops, along with an infusion of stainless steel and sold wood are in. Granite is out.

Bathroom design now include curb-less shower entry, infinity drains and zero-glass enclosure. Vanity cabinets are wall hung as to float above the floor, and faucets are wall mounted as water cascades into sinks made of composite material. Flooring is non-slip tile and lighting combines both face level wall sconces that flank the mirrors and over-head recessed cans. These features are becoming commonplace in today’s homes.

Homes with a “soul” are hard to find, yet highly desired. Purity, harmony and balance are achieved by bringing the outside in and open floor planning that allow for multi-purpose use. Sliding shoji style doors of glass or acrylic encourage daylight to cast shadows throughout an illuminated space. Space saving pocket doors replace those on hinges.

Closets and laundry rooms are replete with storage cabinets and open shelving that compliment the over-all style established in the kitchen and bath.

Healthy living and an awareness of the environment is a conscious choice for singles, couples and families of today, as they take advantage of advances in construction of new and renovated spaces.

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