Three Common Questions about Building Codes


Here are the Top 3 Building Code Questions asked by New Clients

Do I need to get a building permit for my kitchen renovation?

Not all municipalities have the same building code requirements. Your project manager, or general contractor, will know what is required for the scope of your project. Building permits will be required when electrical, plumbing, HVAC and structural work will be performed. These trades are required to be licensed and insured in order to be approved to work on your job site. The permitting process with your local city or county office, will make sure that these requirements are met.

Is there a way to avoid the hassle of dealing with local inspection departments?

Yes. To avoid frustration, leave this task to the professionals. Your designer, architect, or general contractor should be the person to communicate directly with the the inspectors and the permitting office. Inspectors are accustomed to and prefer communicating with professionals, rather than directly with homeowners. A good set of drawings and a list of licensed sub-contractors provided to the permitting office should set the process in a positive direction.

How long will it take to get done?

Most municipalities offer online application forms to expedite the process, the effectiveness of the online option varies. The best way to hasten the process is to make sure that the professional you’ve hired has a good relationship with the inspectors in the permitting office. In the remodeling business, people deal with people. Good working relationships provide the best and quickest results. After each mechanical service is completed, an inspector is scheduled for a visual approval of the building code. Occasionally, the inspector may ask for a change from how this task was performed. A failed inspection can cause a delay, so some patience is usually required. 

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