Plan + Build and Lee Tripi take a design from start to finish by taking everything into consideration from furniture to paintings. Each and every piece of art work that is selected brings a unique and personal feel to the space. As part of a comprehensive plan, Lee finds and uses pieces that are stylish to bring a room together. It’s a perfect way to bring a clients’ personality into every aspect of a room. Lee works closely with clients’ to discover unique, art pieces, wall decor, and other items to find the best piece to complete the space.


Lee Tripi art 1 Lee Tripi Art 2 Lee Tripi art 3 Lee Tripi art 4 Lee Tripi art 5   Lee Tripi art 6  Lee Tripi art 6 Lee Tripi art 7   Lee Tripi art 13 Lee Tripi art 17 Lee Tripi art 18 Lee Tripi art 19 Lee Tripi art 20  Lee Tripi art 24Lee Tripi art 25 Lee Tripi art 26Lee Tripi art 21Lee Tripi art 23   Lee Tripi art 12Lee Trii art 10

Lee Tripi sketchLee Tripi Sketch 4Lee Tripi sketch 3Lee Tripi design

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