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Getting Exactly What You Want – Remodeling, Renovation, New Construction

You’ve been giving some consideration to improving your home. Getting exactly what you want You already know that you need to get the leaking toilet fixed in the bathroom, but then you look at the shower and realize that the wall tile is vintage 1995 and frankly, ugly at this point. It’s also too small. The tub is taking up a huge amount of space and you hardly ever use it. You want a nicer bathroom with more space, but you just don’t know where to start or even how much a renovation might cost.

How can you fit it all in? Working full time, the kids need you to drive them to soccer practice and you’re doing more of their homework than they are. You realize that doing-it-yourself is just not option.  Maybe your inclination is to call a remodel company, a builder or a contractor. After all, isn’t that what they do? They build out your space with drywall guys, tile installers, plumbers and electricians. You think to yourself, with all their experience they should be able to produce the beautiful bathroom that you’ve always desired.

So you decide to call Remodeling-Is-Us Co. and make an appointment. The builder, is coming over at the end of week. In anticipation of his arrival, you’re getting excited about having a beautiful new bathroom. He shows to survey the bathroom. Then starts the questions. Do you know what you want this to look like? Are you going to buy new vanity cabinets? What’s your budget? Have you picked out your tile? What kind of lighting do you want to use? Where are you going to buy this stuff? Are you going to secure permits?

Is this remodeling or renovation?

You answer his questions with more questions of your own. I’d like more space, how can you make that happen? I’ve got a Pinterest board with some things I like, do you want to see it? I want something a little better than what I’ve seen at the home improvement store, where do I go to find those things? Can I see what it’ll look like before you start? I hadn’t thought about permits, isn’t that something you can take care of? How much is all this going to cost me? At this point, frustration sets in because there seems to be more questions than answers. The builder says that you will probably need a plan and his wife might be able to do it. She typically handles the books, but she’s got great taste, and it won’t cost that much more.

Whoa. Something’s not feeling quite right.

He hasn’t asked to see your Pinterest board. You have no idea how much any of this is going to cost. You’re already overwhelmed with thoughts of how in world are you going get this guy to understand what you want? Unfortunately, this is a common scenario and often a stressful nightmare. Hiring an architect or even a designer was not something you thought you could ever afford. Couldn’t you just cut that part of it out and still get what you want?

The truth is that you need a well-designed plan put together by a professional that knows what she’s doing. She’ll save you money by eliminating costly mistakes that will inevitably be made without a good plan. There are reputable design experts and design-build companies that will help you with not just putting a great plan together, but then will facilitate the build part of it. They have all the material and labor resources available to give you what you’ve always wanted and with lasting quality.

But how do you find these people? Do your homework. Start with an Internet search. Find designers and design-build companies that show photos of the kind of look that appeals to you. Call and talk to them. Gauge their professionalism by how they articulate their expertise on the phone. If you like what you’ve heard, schedule a time to meet. Use what you’ve learned through this process and trust that you’ve hired the right person.


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