Lee Tripi

“People just want to live in a well designed beautiful place, and  I help them realize their vision.” ~ Lee Tripi

Lee Tripi’s roots go way back…. in high school he worked as an intern at the design firm where his mother worked. He learned from the ground up. Building the elements that the shop designers created. That is how you layer your experience, hands on.

Throughout his career, Lee has been involved with design on the personal, professional, and community level. In Raleigh, he involved himself in the community, Raleigh Arts Commission, Public Art Committee, Designbox, SparkCon, founded TRIG Modern, a unique source for modern design. Now based in Charlotte, NC.

Lee uses his wealth of expertise to create best plan, the kind that you’d see in bigger markets like, NY, Chicago, Milan. Simple, thoughtful planning, and follow through building turns your vision into a reality.

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