Plan + Build

Plan + Build

Plan+Build, that’s the way it gets done. Design is all around us, and we want design but think its unattainable. Plan+Build does that. It creates a doable plan that works for your space and budget, then it gets built. That is how it get’s done.

Whether it’s a home, office, boutique or a garden, a space needs to be planned to provide a unique experience, a pleasurable feeling. Design can be attainable, when you plan it, then build it.

How does PLAN+BUILD save you money?

Plan + Build 1

Sure you could try DIY. What happens?  You need special tools, you make a mistake measuring and are running back to the store for more, you injure yourself on the old power tools you borrowed from your Uncle…… there must be another way….

Plan + Build 2

Knowing elegant solutions that can better serve your vision, like moving walls, changing doors from something traditional to more updated. How can you possibly know about all the new choices in the market place………there must be another way….

Plan + Build 3

Then there is your time, when are you going to do all this by yourself, or enlist the family to help, makes for very awkward holidays when your brother has to look at the crooked doorway he helped you make….……there must be another way….


Plan+Build, the brainchild of Lee Tripi, uses his wealth of expertise gained from years in the design, build business to create the best plan for your space. The kind of plan that you’d see in bigger markets like, NY, Chicago, Milan. Simple, thoughtful planning, and follow through building turns your vision into a reality.

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